Brad DeHaan
Top tier Seattle area tea experience. It's got that simple and clean vibe I love. Chill, bright, and cheery atmosphere, plus delicious drinks with lots of great options make this a great place to snag a drink and kick back.
Weina Shangguan
Really fun. Treatos for doggos. The beer bottle is cute and catchy but their tea is also very good and fresh. Love the no ice option, especially on a cold winter day.
Sarah Alexander
Great spot for boba soft serve. Love the Tiger Boba Soft Serve and want to come back for some of their other flavors. They have an interesting menu - designer drinks, blends and more.
Jordan Lee
Solid place to go for milk tea and the gauge on what the youth is considering drip. Got the oolong milk tea and thoroughly enjoyed the strong oolong taste. Pearl quality was top notch. Price was excellent when compared to others. There are plenty of seats and all that, but it's not really available because of covid.
Jatin Bajaj
Hands down, one of the best bubble tea places I have been to. They have handcrafted drinks like no other place in seattle, happy to bet my money on that. Unique combinations along with standard teas that you’ll find anywhere else. Great quantity and decent prices. Very quick service too as I was double parked and anxious. I tried the yellow heart but other drinks seemed amazing as well. Definitely coming back!
Casey Thornton
Highly recommend this place! Bear bottles are back, cost an extra $5 but they’re nice quality. They have oat milk as an option.
Kate Harvey
Love this spot. A few spread out tables for indoor dining and masks required still unless drinking the boba (at least they were on 6/28/21). I got the Monogram in a bear bottle (which costs extra, total price was $11). Fun interior with Air Conditioning. Kind service and good quality fresh boba (even compared to my high San Francisco standards)